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5 Relevant Chatbot Trends Of 2021

Just a few years ago the idea that artificial intelligence would be able to help customers with their questions and problems could still be called a futuristic fantasy. Being able to use algorithms and software was not a realistic [...]

Sentiment Analysis: Enhance Your Chatbot Experience

Digital communication technology has become a core aspect of any modern business strategy, as text-based chats are becoming a very convincing and cost-effective option for customer service and are widely preferred by younger generations of customers. For that reason, [...]

7 Chatbot Mistakes That Will Cost You Conversions

Over the years, chatbots have been a buzzword in marketing. These bots have managed to automate sales, customer service, after-sales services, and more. Chatbots helped businesses gain massive reach, reaching a sophisticated number of users to help solidify marketing [...]

Benefits of Implementing Multilingual Chatbots

Guest post by Una Rouz. Una is a content specialist and AI enthusiast at DevTeam.Space  - a community of developers and development teams. According to recent research, 69% of customers prefer chatbots for quick communication [...]

5 Relevant Chatbot Trends Of 2020