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Time is not what we get a whole lot of in today’s world. As the economy enters into a new era of being digitised it seems as if things are really starting to speed up.

Onlim was created to save the small business owner time with regards to working with and on their Social Media Marketing campaigns.


Most small and medium business owners don’t get any time with the day to day running of their businesses and doing Social Media is a full time job in itself. Which is tricky when you are trying to run your business and work on it rather than in it. The small and medium business owner doesn’t generally:

    1. Have the budget to hire someone to do their Social Media for them
    2. The technical expertise to know what to do with their targeted audience online
    3. The means to distribute their services and offers to a large audience


So welcome to Onlim –  a tool that will help you take back your time (and your sanity : ) ) and deliver a definite strategy around your Social Media and it’s planning.

Learn how to build you social media marketing strategy in 6 simple steps.


A blizzard of content out there

What’s unique about Onlim as a platform, is it’s ability to suggest content for your Social Media sharing online. The real beauty of Onlim is that it both finds and suggests RELEVANT content for your audience and your social media goals, through its specific Algorithm and patented technology.


There’s currently a lot of noise being hurled at you online with the bombardment of irrelevant social media content. Having a direct path of relevancy for your target customer is really *the* path they now need to take to wade through the sea of noise online and actually find what it is they are looking for.


Automated content marketing

Tools will need to get much smarter and start using competitive advantages like Artificial Intelligence which Onlim already uses. Onlim automates Social Media and Content Marketing.


We are already pushing Social Media to the next level with technological advantage. From awareness, to engagement to actual e-commerce – it is all a part of our three step plan for all our customers to avail of. Onlim is already ahead using artificial intelligence and taking the pain out of the daily Social Media content chore for our customers.


Businesses and brands benefit from getting their own customized chatbot. Our technology is based on state of the art research in Semantic Technology and Rule Based Systems.


What’s your competitive advantage?
Onlim – less effort by automation!



Stefan Rehm

Key Account Manager

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