More and more companies are using chatbots to provide an additional service to their customers. Especially in the past few months, a hype about the topic has developed.



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But how can chatbots benefit your company? Should you invest in creating one, too? Here are seven good reasons that an investment can pay off.



1. You take communication habits of your customers into consideration


The use of messenger services is increasing. In Germany, 80 percent of 19- to 64-year-olds use messenger services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or similar applications on a daily basis. The use is no longer limited to the sending text messages. Sending GIFS, videos and emojis go without saying.


If users have a conversation with a bot, they are using a communication channel they are familiar with. They are already used to the technology.



2. Chatbots help you to guarantee a great user experience


Chatbots are using natural language processing. That’s why users can ask their questions in a natural way and communicate with the chatbot as if they were talking to a co-worker or a friend.


Searching for information on a website or in an app is less intuitive. In most cases, several steps are necessary until you have clicked through to the desired information. A chatbot makes these steps redundant.



3. You shorten the customer’s information research


Probably everyone has been waiting for hours in the waiting loop of a telephone hotline and listened to the hotline music for donkey’s years. Who would not exchange this experience for a chat with a charming chatbot?



This allows you to deliver the results that are really relevant to the user in less than no time.



4. You provide relevant information to your customers


The information available on a website or in an app can overwhelm users quickly and it is not always relevant to them. For example, if you are looking for a new mobile phone contract, the available options are often confusing.


However, if you know that you are looking for a contract with a minimum of five GB data volume and a phone flat rate, a chatbot can filter the available contracts and only offer you the relevant ones.



5. You create a personal customer experience


Chatbots can help you to generate a personal user experience. Depending on which questions the user asks, the answers of the bot will be different ones. Especially bots that are not rule-based and use an artificial intelligence instead, learn with every user interaction.


This allows your business to provide an individual experience to every single user and create a positive, customer-centric brand image.



6. You generate more attention for your business


The use of apps is decreasing worldwide. Although apps in Europe and especially in Germany are still relatively widespread, this behaviour can change quickly as many examples of other technology trends from the states are showing.


Especially if you want to place your company as an innovative expert in your industry the development of a new app is probably no longer the best choice. A chatbot is clearly more promising, as this technology is still new and exciting for many users.



7. Your customer service operates day and night


Another advantage is the constant availability of the bots. Big companies such as Amazon have created high customers expectations. Whether it is a delivery the next day or a quick response to inquiries – customers are taking a lot of things for granted.


With a chatbot, you can offer your customers a customer service that is available 24 hours a day, even if there is no employee in the office. Your chatbot takes care of the communication – no matter what time of day and even on the weekend.



We hope this article could give you a glimpse of the huge potential that chatbots are offering. If you have any further questions about the implementation or need help with the development of your own bot, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.



Stefan Rehm

Key Account Manager

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