Everyone always talks about the fact that chatbots are now everywhere. Nevertheless you might be surprised at just how many are on offer.

Most companies are trying to get in on the chatbot revolution, no matter whether they are big or small. Some just provide a fundamental service, others have been used in very innovative and imaginative ways.



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Here is a roundup of some of the coolest chatbots we have found being used by well-known brands.



Let’s Start With Chatbots in the Food Industry


Everyone loves to eat. Whether it is fast food or shopping many food producing companies have got in on the chatbot act.


Domino’s: One of the most well-known bots is the Domino’s Pizza bot. You can access their bot using Facebook Messenger, from their website or even via Amazon’s Alexa.  Order your pizza, make payment and watch in real time as it is created for you, cooked and then delivered to your door.


Starbucks:  Using voice recognition, Starbucks have introduced a Barista bot.  Speaking in natural language commands, customers can order and pay for food and drinks.  If something needs changing the bot can cope with amendments and order changes, just as if you were speaking to another person.  Starbucks are also planning a skill for Alexa to enable customers to order from their desks.



Chatbots in Fashion


H&M: Opting for the Kik platform the H&M bot is designed primarily for the teen market, who can use it as a personal styling assistant. After an item of clothing is selected, the bot can use the catalogue of pieces offered by the brand and create outfits for any occasion. Once the user can see how well the outfit looks, they can order online or go to store to make a purchase.



Hit the Road


Uber: Perhaps the most famous transport bot. Wherever you are going you can use the Facebook messenger platform and the Uber chatbot to hail a ride.


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines:  The merits of airlines getting bots out into the field are massive. The KLM bot can send flight information, create a boarding pass, show check-in notifications and even update the flight statuses.  If the bot cannot handle the request users are immediately transferred to a human agent.



It’s all About Entertainment


Disney: It stands to reason that giant Disney would have chatbots deployed. On more than one occasion now they have used them to promote the launch of upcoming films. A recent bot promoted the film Zootopia in the form of a game where users could help Officer Judy Hopps solve cases.


Fandango: For those who want a more factual movie bot Fandango offers information about movie theatre locations, what time is the pictures are showing, trailers and lots more.  The Fandango bot functions through Facebook messenger and offers those services for the US.


These are just a few of the uses that brands have come up with for implementing chatbots.

It shows that if you capture the imagination of your audience you will gain a good interaction and it doesn’t always have to just be about selling.  While selling is important, brand awareness is also something that companies want to focus on.



Did we miss any important examples? Feel free to mention them in the comments.




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Would you like to automate your customer communication?

I’m happy to discuss your requirements and show you the advantages of our AI chatbots in an online demo.

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