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Do you know how to create a photo carousel on Facebook?  In this post you will be presented with 5 simple tips for creating outstanding Facebook posts that will also drive engagement.



The moment you post them, they have already disappeared in your fans’ full news feeds. Facebook offers multiple possibilities to create more visual Facebook posts that also attract attention and gain engagement.



Using Facebook Posts to optimize Social Media Marketing

1. Shared Links


A shared link on Facebook often doesn’t look very appealing. A few very simple adjustments help you to change this.


First, you have to choose a suitable image for your Facebook post. If you don’t like the image that is shown automatically, no worries it can be changed. Simply click on the “+” below the current image and choose another one. Pay attention to the right image size. It is recommended to use an image with 1200 x 627 pixel for links included in Facebook posts.


Once this is done you can also change the title of your link and even the short description underneath.




Note: You don’t have to publish your post right away. If you click on the arrow next to “publish” you can also schedule it or save it as a draft.



 2. Photo/Video Facebook posts


Photos and videos are simple ways to add the necessary touch to common Facebook posts.



So from time to time you might consider posting a photo or video.

You can simply add them when creating a new post.




Those blog posts can also help you create remarkable images and videos for your social media marketing:


If you don’t have great design skills, I recommend you to check out Canva. It will help you create awesome images for your social media.


Adding photos or videos to your social media posts is a great way to make them more attractive. And Facebook offers even more ways of how to set them into place.



We are going to look at the last three options here.





3. Photo/Video Carousel




Carousels are perfect to display individual products or details of your offers. The consecutive carousel cards can also be used to tell stories.

To create a carousel choose the carousel option. Then type in your destination URL.


Facebook posts_Create Carousel


This page will be displayed at the end of your carousel.




Click on the “+” at the bottom of the new post to upload or choose your carousel images.



You can upload up to 10 images of which 5 can be used for your carousel post. The order of the images can also be rearranged by moving them to the right or left.



You can also add a link and a description to every single image. That’s especially handy for presenting products or blog posts and leading people directly to the respective page or post on your website.




If you also want to use your carousel as an advertisement, have a look at those tips first:  Clicks to website: Carousel



4. Create Slideshow


The slideshow option allows you to create amazing short videos consisting of 3 to 10 photos. At the bottom you can upload your photos and select the order. You can choose the video format which can be square (1:1), rectangle (16:9), vertical (2:3) or simply in the original format of the photos. Also select the image duration and transition.




In case you want your slideshow to be even more spectacular, you can add suggested or your own music here.




Note: Users might see your post while at work, on the bus or anywhere else in public where they don’t want noisy music to suddenly pop up. This could ruin the experience of your Facebook posts.


Voilà, your slideshow is ready and can be posted and shared to all your social media channels! You can also use slideshows for Facebook ads. Here’s how you set them up: How can I create a slideshow ad in Ads Manager?



5. Canvas


Don’t get confused with Canva and Canvas. While Canva helps you create beautiful designs for your social media marketing, Canvas allows to optimize posts for mobile.

As you click on a Canvas post, it appears on full screen. Mostly, this is used for advertisements. But you can also use it for common posts. A Canvas can be a combination of images, videos, text and links.


Create Canvas

First, choose “Create a Canvas” and then click on the “+” as you see below.



If you possess some graphic design skills, there are three layouts that you can download and edit yourself. Each of the folders includes a PDF-file with instructions, recommended image sizes etc. They also contain Photoshop files to prepare your Canvas.
To others, I’d recommend to choose the “Open blank Canvas” option here. It will open a new, blank Canvas for you to which you can add multiple components next.



Before you start, think about your story! People usually like Canvas that tell a clear and comprehensible story. Focus on what makes you unique. Also keep in mind that short videos, precise messages and attractive photos are the means of persuasion on social media!


Canvas Components

Your Canvas can consist of buttons, a carousel, photos, text blocks, videos and a header. The header will always be displayed at the top. All other components can be rearranged.



You could put your logo on top with a nice image and short descriptive text underneath. Only use photos and videos of high quality! In the end, the full screen is what makes Canvas so special. So make the most of it!

If you want to use your Canvas for a Facebook ad, have a look at the specific design requirements: Clicks to website: Canvas


Don’t forget to also add links to your website in your Canvas Facebook posts. This is how you call your customers to action. We have put the link behind the “Register NOW” button here.


If you use an image to include a link, make sure that the linkage is visible. For example, you could add a simple “Click for more information”.





Finish your Canvas

When you create your Canvas, you always have a preview of how it will look like on the right side. Still, I recommend to test it on your phone before you finish and publish it. Facebook offers to send a preview of the Canvas to your or other peoples’ phones.  Click on “Save” and then on “Share”. You will get a notification on your profile and can check the Canvas from your phone.


Keep in mind that Canvas Facebook posts are meant to improve the experience on mobile only. The post will not look the same on a desktop as on mobile.


Once you have clicked on “Finish”, you cannot edit your Canvas anymore. But you can duplicate it. This version can then be edited.


I hope this got you some new ideas and inspiration for creating awesome Facebook posts to optimize your social media marketing. If you like the article, choose your favorite platform below and share it!



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