It can be difficult sourcing new content to share on your social media channels.

We all know that blogs are a great source of traffic to your website and a steady source of social media content, but it can be tricky keeping on top of them.


Not only do you have to write the blogs in the first place (or find a content writer to outsource them to), you’ve got to think of titles relevant to the needs of your target audience, create a strong editorial calendar that works around your other marketing methods and create numerous social media blurbs to promote them effectively.

Phew! That’s a lot of hard work, right?


According to a report by Technorati, 88% of influential marketers’ blog on a consistent basis.

It is worth putting time and effort into blog writing for your website because you’re 13 times more likely to get a positive return on your investment than other marketing channels.

But that doesn’t mean you have to focus solely on blog writing as your essential form of digital marketing.


Indeed, you can easily re-use your blog content into other forms of content for social media marketing


The technical term for this is ‘re-purposing’ which essentially means turning your existing content into something else, and it can apply to any form of content, not just blogs.

You’ve probably been doing it without realising it.

When you rewrite a few sentences of your blog to use as a social media blurb – that’s re-purposing.

Or you take the key points out of a blog post and use them to create an infographic.

The great thing about repurposing your blog content is that you’ve already taken care of the hard work. The research and the planning etc has already been done – you’re simply tweaking things to suit a different medium or segment of your target audience.


There are a whole range of benefits that come from re-purposing blog content for your social media marketing strategy

Let’s take a few minutes to explore them in a little more detail.



1. You can reach a different segment of your target audience


You know that different groups of your target audience hang out on different social media channels, right?

There’s a clear age, gender and occupation divide going on – LinkedIn for professionals, Facebook for the social families and Snapchat for the youngsters.


It’s very difficult to have one piece of content reach more than one segment of your target audience (and if you haven’t divided your ideal customers into groups, you really should!)

Not everyone is going to be interested in everything you produce content wise, and they’re certainly not going to be hanging out on the same social channel.


Presenting the same information in a new format packaged specifically for a certain social media site can drastically improve your reach.



2. Social media marketing is great for SEO – and re-purposing content makes it even easier


Every time you link back to your website on social media you’re creating a backlink to your website. Naturally, that means generating lots of new content from one blog post provides lots of new backlinks every time you share it on social media.


There’s another aspect of SEO that re-purposing content comes in very useful for – optimising keyword use across your online presence.

Social media channels are optimised exceedingly well for search engines.


How many times have you searched for something and a LinkedIn article or infographic on Pinterest have appeared on the front page of the results?

Creating lots of content on the same topic enables extra opportunities to target the search keywords you want to be ranking well for.





3. Repetition helps reinforce your brand message


Repetition is crucial for ensuring your message sinks in with your target audience.

You want them to fully understand what you’re saying, why it should matter to them and why they need to be acting on it, now!


Were you aware, that it takes between 3 and 5 engagements with your brand content before a buyer will engage with you?


In fact, it goes further than that.

There’s a general rule of thumb in marketing that your customers need to hear your message 7 times before they’ll close the deal.

That’s a lot of opportunities you need to create to get in front of them.


This is why re-purposing your content is so useful – and time-saving.

Creating an infographic, video, podcast, meme and social media article is 5 new pieces of content out of the original article – getting you so much closer to making that sale.




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4. Content re-purposing strengthens your authority and credibility through social media marketing


One of the reasons getting social is a fantastic form of marketing is because it strengthens our credibility as a business worth doing business with.

Authority through demonstrating expertise is a key aspect of social media marketing, and something that content re-purposing makes easier – you’re saying the same thing in a new way.


There’s only so many times you can write a blog, or create a video around a topic before you’re obviously repeating yourself. Stomping over the same ground time and time again becomes predictable for your target audience, and will eventually cause their interest to be lost.


Re-purposing is a less obvious way of replicating content. Repackaging it in a new format means you have to tweak and amend things to suit the new medium, and the shift is subtle but enough for the audience to think ‘this is new’.


So, there you have it, 4 reasons why you should be re-purposing your blog content into powerful forms of new social media content today.