August 2017

Slack & Bot Recipes

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In case you missed the boat, Slack is a multifunctional messaging platform that is perfect for workplaces and groups of people who need to be in communication with each other. Slack runs on a myriad of platforms from phones to desktops making it perfect for communication on the go.     Download our free e-book [...]

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The Estée Lauder Chatbot

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Many big companies are using chatbots to enhance their business. Cosmetics giant Estée Lauder has taken things a step further with a foray into augmented reality combined with chatbot technology.   Augmented reality is a live view of a physical real-world environment. Its elements are augmented by computer generated inputs including sound, images or GPS [...]

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7 Brands Already Using Chatbots

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Everyone always talks about the fact that chatbots are now everywhere. Nevertheless you might be surprised at just how many are on offer. Most companies are trying to get in on the chatbot revolution, no matter whether they are big or small. Some just provide a fundamental service, others have been used in very innovative [...]

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Facebook’s ParlAI & Chatbots

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Chatbots have received some backlash over the last few months.  Having been hotly tipped to be the biggest technological revolution of 2017, they are under fire for not coming up to standard.   There are several reasons why chatbots are stalling, from lack of programming understanding to poor design brief.  Both of which are of [...]

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Personalising your marketing with chatbots

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Chatbots were one of the largest trends of 2017 and will definitely become even more popular this year.     Download our free e-book to learn everything you need to know about chatbots for your business.      One of the key features of building a successful chatbot, that is well received, and fulfils the [...]

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