Chatbots for E-Commerce

Chatbots can have a number of different skills and perform a number of different tasks for organisations.  It might have been mentioned before, but it is quite true, the use of chatbots is limited only by the humans that programme them.  Imagination and inventiveness will give rise to more and more functionality, but for today [...]

Are Chatbots the New Apps?

Since the surge in popularity of the chatbot, there has been much debate over their future use. Are chatbots the new apps, or just another complementary technology?  It would seem that the jury remains out on this one at the moment.  However, the debate rages on vehemently, with neither side willing to back down.   [...]

Chatbots For Automated Customer Service

Listen to the article:   As the trend for chatbots surges forward, it is important to understand how they work and what they can do for your business. Perhaps one of the most helpful roles chatbots can fulfil, especially for small businesses, is customer service functionality. To implement automated customer service, it is [...]

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