Chatbots for E-Commerce

Chatbots can have a number of different skills and perform a number of different tasks for organisations.  It might have been mentioned before, but it is quite true, the use of chatbots is limited only by the humans that programme them.  Imagination and inventiveness will give rise to more and more functionality, but for today [...]

Are Chatbots the New Apps?

Since the surge in popularity of the chatbot, there has been much debate over their future use. Are chatbots the new apps, or just another complementary technology?  It would seem that the jury remains out on this one at the moment.  However, the debate rages on vehemently, with neither side willing to back down.   [...]

Marketing Automation – Why Your Business Needs It

Before we can look at why your business needs marketing automation let's first recap what it actually is.  Marketing automation is using intelligent software to ensure you are pushing out content at the perfect time to coincide with the behaviours of your target audience.  You can employ a team of staff to sit and manually [...]

How Businesses Benefit From Social Media Management Tools

Everyone who has been involved in social media marketing even a little bit, knows it can be a time consuming task. Nevertheless, there is no way around a presence on social media for companies these days. So we have to embrace the tools that can help us. Social media management tools exist to make social [...]

4 Ways Chatbots can Benefit a Small Business Owner

Keeping up with new developments in technology is a mammoth task. Chatbots have arrived and are set to be a key feature of business development over the next 12 months. However, as a small business owner, this talk of artificial intelligence (AI) might leave you feeling like you have wandered into the twilight zone. With [...]

How do Chatbots Work?

So if you keep hearing the term chatbot being banded around, you might be wanting to find out more.  Chatbots are going to be a key piece of automation for 2017. So understanding what they are and how they work, will help you see how they can fit into your business planning for the next [...]

Chatbots For Automated Customer Service

Listen to the article:   As the trend for chatbots surges forward, it is important to understand how they work and what they can do for your business. Perhaps one of the most helpful roles chatbots can fulfil, especially for small businesses, is customer service functionality. To implement automated customer service, it is [...]

How Chatbots Help Business

Short in time? - Listen to it:   So you have heard the buzz about chatbots and are becoming convinced that it might be the way to go for your business.  But you are not quite totally convinced that having a chatbot will help. So you are looking for information about how they [...]

The amazing things VR is being used for!

Most of us will know about Virtual Reality and some of you will have tried the headsets. Whether you bought one, had a go on one of your friend’s headsets or tried it in store! The headsets are all over the consumer market; however all of them are being sold for the same reason: entertainment! [...]

We started using Onlim, and we love it!

I am writing this as CEO of Abrupt Audio Ltd, a digital media company focused on podcast production. In the last few months we started working with Onlim assisting them in creating audio content marketing in the way of their excellent podcast ‘Stories By Onlim’. When we first started to work together, Abrupt Audio had [...]

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