Chatbot solutions for enterprises

For Customer Service, Marketing and Sales

As marketing technology evolves, Onlim is helping to bring content marketing to the next level. Even big enterprises often struggle to create and distribute relevant content to their audience.  Chatbots and artificial intelligent assistants such as Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, are emerging as major new platforms, providing new and different types of searching and a new set of challenges for content marketing.

In particular for enterprises, brands and organisations Onlim offers the development of customized chatbots to enter into personalized and automated communication with customers and prospects.


Single bot platform for channels as messenger, website or artificial assistants

One Single Platform

No matter if your bot shall be implemented on your website, on Facebook messenger or other channels – we provide a multi channel solution.

Rule Based

Our rule based reasoning engine delivers relevant answers.

More than Q&A

The “Onlim Rule Based Reasoning Engine” dynamically matches the relevant answers to specific questions.


Our chatbots understand the intent of the user behind the question.

No 1:1 Matching

But dynamic, learning reasoning of the intent behind the question and matching with the relevant answers.

Cutting edge

Our scientific background ensures state of the art technology.

State of the art

We are a spin-off of the University of Innsbruck. Hence Onlim clients benefit automatically from the latest results of our research.

Project Description

Onlim provides the Onlim platform as a SaaS model. Each project has a dedicated technical project manager who is responsible for the project until going live. All our projects consist of 3 phases.

Why Onlim

  • Your own customized state of the art chatbot
  • Access to the Onlim platform for future access to additional channels
  • Onlim provides a dedicated technical project manager
  • Short implementation cycles due to standardized processes and systems
  • Flexible and dynamic systems architecture for customized solutions
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