Automate Your Content Marketing with Onlim!

Manage all your social media channels and freely selectable content sources from one single platform. Use suggested posts to generate more relevant content for your audience and increase your awareness and the viral effect of your social media campaigns.

Save time and get better results!

Less effort by automation

Create, Manage, Distribute


  • For small and medium sized enterprises. 
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Xing, Flickr
  • Unlimited number of posts
  • 10 incoming channels
  • Analytics and statistics included

    49,00 €/mo
    • For medium sized enterprises and teams. 
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Xing, Flickr
  • Unlimited number of posts
  • Unlimited number of incoming channels
  • Collaboration feature for teams
  • Analytics and statistics included


    Customized Solutions for Large Enterprises and Brands

    Your want to benefit from all our standard features included in our out of the box products Onlim Professional and Onlim Business? And you need additional customized solutions according to your specific needs? Your own chatbot or your own customized content management templates? Then Onlim Enterprise is the perfect solution for you.

    Let´s do a project together

    Benefit from our features

    One single interface for all channels

    Manage all you social media channels from one single platform. Save time and generate higher awareness by semi-automated optimizing your campaigns.

    User friendly dashboard

    Our user friendly dashboard enables you to become a social media professional. Plan, generate and monitor all your activities centrally.

    Automated content generation

    Create your postings or select your preferred content sources and benefit from our relevant content suggestions for your postings.

    Editorial Calender

    Onlim is the perfect solution for implementing your content marketing strategy. Plan your postings in advance with our editorial calendar.

    Analytics and statistics

    Monitor the results of your campaigns, see the feedback to your postings and use our automation to optimize the content of your future postings.

    Management Platform

    For content providers and content distributors. Select and manage the suitable content for all your channels.

    Access to Social Media

    With Onlim you have access to social media channels as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Xing and LinkedIn. Publish your posts to all these channels with one click.

    Access to Chatbots

    Onlim offers access to chatbots and artificial assistants, and helps local companies to distribute their content to a global audience via these emerging new channels.